Dryer Vent Cleaning In NYC and Surrounding Areas

If you own a tumble clothes dryer, you should know that particles develops and need to be gotten rid of from your dryer vent and ductwork for the exact same reason lint should be gotten rid of from your clothes dryer filter – since it is a fire danger. To prevent such risks, you must have your vent duct cleaned out by a professional.
Cleaning agents and fabric softeners might be required to clean your clothing and bed linen, but they also include chemicals, which are not safe for human breathing or usage. A secondary function of a dryer vent is to help launch chemical vapors from the clothes dryer and out of your house. A vent that is obstructed can refrain from doing its task, and the gasses from chemical cleaners might be launched inside your home.
The lint that is stayed with the interior of the dryer vent can likewise soak up those chemicals, as well as allergy-causing dust and dirt. If you or a member of your household currently has problems with allergic reactions and asthma, a dryer that is overflowing with toxins will just exacerbate the health problem.
A quality check inspection belongs to every service we offer to fix your dryer vent, chimney, or fireplace. In the case of clothes dryer vents, the primary step we take is identifying the vent box and vent cap on the outside of the home. We will have the ability to tell immediately whether your vent requirements cleaning or repair work.
We will start by detaching the clothes dryer for the upkeep step of the process. We check air flow through the dryer vent exhaust, recognize any barriers to air flow, and start the cleaning procedure.
Professional dryer vent cleaners have tools, rotary brushes, and vacuums that are utilized particularly for your dryer’s vent, which may curve greatly at the wall of your house. We do not suggest that house owners attempt to snake brooms or other things through the vent by themselves. Doing so might cause further damage to your dryer vent.
Once lint and particles is entirely removed from the vent, we clean up the aluminum sleeve, the dryer, and the location around the dryer for any extra product that might have been burnt out.
We will then reconnect the dryer to the vent sleeve and reconnect the dryer’s power source, so that we might run a test cycle. An effective test cycle means that the dryer is spinning hot and air is plainly streaming to and through the vent box outside of your house. Once a successful test dryer cycle is total, we will tidy up any mess caused by our upkeep work and leave the laundry area of your house exactly as we discovered it.
Animal Guard Cap Installation
Because your dryer vent exits at the exterior of your home, the opening must be secured from rodents, bird, and other animals. In some cases these animals make nests, which will add extra clogging to the vent. As soon as within, the animals will leave droppings, chew through the ductwork, and might even make their method into your house.
We provide expert installation of quality mesh caps and screens that secure your dryer vent and ductwork from wildlife burglars.
Dryer Vent Cleaning FAQs
A vent in need of service will have lint and particles lining the interior walls of the exhaust pipe, and your clothing will be sopping wet no matter how many times you run the clothes dryer. If that is the case, we advise you instantly cease use of your clothes dryer until after the vent has actually been cleaned.
Q: What can I do to keep my dryer vent in the meantime? A: You should regularly track your device’s drying time for various sized loads of clothing, bedding, and towels. Remember each time you have to run a cycle more than when. Having to do so every once in a while is normal, specifically for an uncommonly big load of laundry. However, keep an eye on how often this occurs. This will help you determine whether your vent is obstructed.
Clean your lint filter screen – it is likewise a great concept to dis-assemble and tidy the interior your dryer a minimum of once a year. If your dryer is a number of years of ages, you may likewise need a replacement lint filter.
Examine your dryer vent box on the exterior of your house. You can get rid of a bit of dust and dirt from the aluminum sleeve yourself. If you can’t raise the cap or you can visibly see lint and debris, it is an excellent idea to cease use of the maker and wait on upkeep.