Dryer Vent Cleaning concerns for every homeowner

Why is so important the dryer vent system ? The dryer functions by removing moisture during the heating of wet laundry. Essentially the moisture is held in the warm air produced by the dryer in the form of humidity. The local dryer vent service  will make sure the dryer vent system releases heat and humidity

We provide dryer vent service while educating customers about dryer fire prevention and dryer care. He explains that a full load of wet clothes contains about a half a gallon of water. Lint is shed from clothing as water is removed during the drying process. About half of the lint is caught by the removable screen and the rest becomes trapped inside the dryer and dryer duct. The moist lint begins to line the inside of the duct where it attracts more lint and forms a hard paste that clogs the system. Soon, the flammable lint can catch fire and quickly destroy a home.

It addresses a number of problems when he inspects, cleans, repairs or installs new dryer vent systems. We will perform a test to analyze airflow speed before and after dryer vent service to show the customer the difference.

A dryer vent system that is not properly moving the moist heated air to the outside could be venting the air to the inside. When excessive humidity can be felt in the laundry room then dryer vent service is the solution to the problem. Besides the fire hazard, venting hot, humid air into the house provides a prime place for mold and bacteria to grow. Anyone with allergies knows this can be a miserable situation in the home.